About RedTeam GA


RedTeam GA is a student-led organization aimed at providing students in middle and high school opportunities to give back to the community in the medical field. RedTeam GA's mission is and always has been to promote growth in the medical field by taking part in service projects, actively volunteering in the local area, and organizing events that will benefit the medical field. RedTeam GA's goal is to encourage students and teachers all across Georgia who like the medical field to join and become active members of RedTeam GA.

Through RedTeam GA, students all across the state of Georgia are able to come together to collaborate and find ways to help find cures for diseases and improving accessibility to medicines and vaccines in not just Georgia, but all around the world. This process of working together with students of different ages has been proven to bring about change and positive action.

RedTeam GA is not just a club at school, but rather a powerful force that drives change in the local community and region. When integrated with an existing health-sciences platform at schools, RedTeam GA becomes a fun and educational method of changing the world for the better!

Join RedTeam GA

Join a large community of students and teachers all across Georgia working together to benefit the medical field

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